If you have ever wanted to move effortlessly and get the most from your hard-won climbing fitness, this is the guide you've been waiting for.
Getting better at rock climbing doesn’t have to be about strength, endurance, flexibility or hours spent on repetitive training. It doesn’t need to be a balancing act between losing fitness and getting injured over-training. Climbing is fundamentally a skill sport, and this guide will change the way you look at moving on rock.
Whatever your ability, learning to master smooth, relaxed and powerful movement means maximising your enjoyment and performance of the sport. This is the definitive practical guide to improving your rock climbing technique, and making you a more efficient climber. Fully illustrated with over 35 skills exercises supported by online videos, this book enables you to plan out your path to excellent technique with drills and exercises suited to all levels of ability.
It’s packed with the knowledge and expertise gained over two decades as a professional climbing coach. Essential reading for all climbers from intermediate to elite in sport climbing, bouldering and traditional climbing.

Rock Climbing Technique (paperback)

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