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This is the 90 min narrated slide presentation I created for the Climbstrong Performance Climbing Coach Summit 2020.

It's aimed at coaches and those wanting to better understand the 'why' behind what I recommend climbers do to improve. It's all about making sense of the scientific research and theory behind learning, skill and movement. I translate the academic knowledge into plain English, and explore straightforward ways to apply it in your day-to-day coaching at all ability levels.


Some of the topics demystified include:

  • ‘Constraints-Led’ learning, and how it looks in climbing

  • Practice types and how to select the right one for each climbing situation

  • Neurology of learning, and why it should affect your session structure

  • Preparing climbers for the impact of stress upon their technique

Climbing Movement: Theory into Practice

  • This is a downloadable zip file, containing a 259Mb mp4 of the presentation. You'll receive a download link via email after purchasing

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